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    Default FEMA and the Pay Per Call Department

    Does anyone know why with all the FEMA forms and NIMS classes that FEMA does not have a form for Volunteer Pay Per Call Department for Federal Reimbursement? We had a guy from FEMA come out recently and it seemed like he had no idea.

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    The only reasons coming to my mind are your status as "volunteer" but receiving monetary compensation. My experience with federal reimbursement programs has been volunteer labor is free; however, there may be other costs associated with using volunteer labor, such as housing, food, fuel reimbursement, etc.

    If this issue could become a problem for your organization, maybe researching FEMA reimbursement rules could provide some information. I'm thinking contract personnel or part-time personnel status may allow reimbursement. If so, this could require your organization to investigate how to comply with these rules, if they exist.

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