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    Default Hello from Rhode Island!

    Hey everyone, I'm Stephan Bowman, I'm a volunteer firefighter for Western Coventry Fire Department, I've been there for about 3 months now fresh out of my EMT B class and I can say that even though when I did my rescue ride time with the busiest rescue in the state of RI (Providence Rescue 4) that I've made up my mind and decided that firefighting was where I'd rather take my career. I plan on getting onto a busy city department and I figured that being a bolly would help me gain experience! Any tips or tricks of the trade that anyone wants to share would be awesome! And I'll share my experiences as they come! Thanks community and I look forward to talking to new firefighter friends!

    Stephan bowman

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    Drill with your apparatus at your station and become familiar on how everything works. Mess with the LDH and become familiar with that. You will be leaps and bounds ahead a lot of people once you get into an academy.

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