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    Default Best course of action between now and leave date for academy.

    Was hoping for advise on things to do between now and when I leave for an academy? Is there any thing I can do to help myself along until then, via classes, trainings, volunteer work, any certs that I could get or what? I'm 17 and I know that can put a kink in some things but I still I have a year before the academy and would like to be doing something in the mean while.thanks for any ideas!
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    Short answer would be consider some "ride along" programs? Consider an "Introduction To The American Fire Service 101 Class? Introduce yourself to a specific agency if that is your situation? You have a year. Stay out of trouble, have fun, but be responsible, don't screw the pouch and later on start getting in very good physical condition as you will find the fire academy very physically and mentally demanding. Me only. Good luck. HB of CJ (old coot)

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    I would say be in the best shape as possible. Work on your cardio and jog/run a lot. the better shape your in the better it will be.

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    Have you already been accepted to an academy?
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