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    Post Question about DOD Fire Academy

    Hello everybody,
    I am 18 years old and I signed my contract for the USAF Reserve to leave on July 1st for BMT and if I make it through Boot Camp ill be going to the DOD Fire Academy. I do have a few questons about the DOD Fire Acadmey though. How challenging is it physically as well as mentally? I am a volunteer firefighter now so I feel like that will hurt me more than help me. I am sure i have picked up some bad habits. I do know that I will not say "Well in my town..." I plan on keeping my mouth shut and learning. What is the schedule like? and of course does anyone have any advice for me when im at Basic or in the Academy? Thanks so much.
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    Remember you are in the Air Force

    So think planes

    Also depending on the base you land at , think not much actual firefighting.

    Don't worry you will do ok

    YouTube search the academy

    I think the curriculum is at high school level
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