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    Default PV (PhotoVoltaic) Solar Panel Systems in Crashes

    What is know as a PV system is essentially a power system that utilizes solar panels to collect energy and directly convert it to DC current. Then, through an inverter, it changes
    DC to useable AC electrical power. These PV systems may be connected into the community's electrical grid as well.

    Well, a forward-thinking fire chief in Central NY State who has one of these installations in his district is asking for assistance from anyone who might be able to come up with good information for him.

    Here is his original question;
    "Recently there was a rather large PV power system put up in town that is close to a state road which is heavly traveled.

    My question to you is what do we do in the event that we are called to an accident that involves a vehicle into the PV system.

    At present, I have told all members that they are not to touch the vehicle until the power company is called and on scene or the solar company is on scene.

    We do not have at present enough tarps or the capability of totally covering the solar array to totally block out any light that could shine on them.

    I am aware that any light shining on the solar panels will cause power to be generated at the cells which can not be shut off at the cell itself.

    I have checked on line, but can only find information on panels involved in a fire."

    SO, if you are reading this and have some suggestions, share with the rest of us who want to learn more….
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Not sure what all is on this::


    I would say pre incident meet with the solar comapny that installed the system and pose the question to them, to see what answer they come up with.


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