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    Default Chance me? Question for next season

    Hello all! Been a lurker here and there, and decided to join because I have a question.

    I want to apply for Cal-fire next season, and wanted to know what my chances would be

    2 year experience with a private company
    Hazmat FRO cert
    Fire science degree, as well as a current student pursuing my B.S in Fire
    and a letter of recommendation, if it will even make a difference

    What I don't have is 180 cal-fire cert, been having trouble finding a location that offers the class

    What are my chances? Thanks guys! Be safe out there to all my wildland FF, hopefully it's a good season!

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    Get the cal fire academy..

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    Your chances are slim to none without their Cal-Fire Basic Firefighter Certificate.

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    Honestly, your quals are not particularly noteworthy these days for an entry level candidate. They are the minimum (with a basic wildfire academy) to be a serious candidate.

    Without a wildfire academy your chances are slim with any wildfire agency in California. Calfire is very particular and wants to see their wildfire academy. Even experienced wildland firefighters have difficulty getting hired by Calfire these days without their 80 hour certificate.

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