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Thread: The National Guard and The Fire Service

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    Default The National Guard and The Fire Service

    I have a few questions about the fire service in central Florida (or anywhere in Florida) and how receptive they are to the National Guard.

    Ok, a little about myself.

    I'm currently enlisted in the Florida Army National Guard as a Health Care Specialist (68W) and just turned 27 years old.

    My question is what are the realistic chances of me getting hired for a fire dept. being a current member of the drilling guard and my age.

    Do some depts. look down upon hiring Guard members knowing that I do have to drill at least one weekend a month and have annual training two weeks a year. Not including being activated for state disasters and deployments, that can be anywhere from 9-15 months.

    I cannot see how this would work in my favor considering I know depts. would have to accomodate my schedule and why hire someone who has to fill obligations elsewhere when you can hire someone who is free 100% of the time and doesn't have to drill, train or deploy.

    I know no dept. would ever just come out and say "we don't hire Guardsmen" or say they prefer not to, but in your personal opinions from what you've seen/heard/know. Also, if anyone knows an ambulance service like Rural Metro or American Ambulance that hire Guard members or doesn't mind I would appreciate it.

    Are there any depts. that simply do not evaluate that at all or hold it against you and are there any that favor it? Like for example I know FHP likes to hire Guardsmen and gives 17 days per year for Guard leave, or so I've heard.

    Another factor I wanted to ask about was my age. Am I barking up the wrong tree attempting to get into this profession at age 27? I know a lot of people coming in are younger 21,22,23 and so on but is 27 or 28 too old to start looking? I'm still in great shape and thank god no wear and tear on me.

    I'm just trying to get a realistic answer because I know how competitive this profession is and if there is no chance I can think of another plan instead of Fire Academy.

    Thank You for any and all replies.

    Stay safe out there.

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    Don't worry about age unless a dept has a max age

    What you need I hear in fl is certs

    And I hear fl is very competitive

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    Thank you for your reply.

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    I knew a guy who worked for Tampa fire rescue when he was an active Air reservist went on deployments for months then came back and picked up his job again like he never left. He later became a district fire chief TFR I believe.

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    We have several guys that work at my department in reserves. A guy I got hired with is in his mid 30's. because of laws you wont have any issues missing promotions or anything. As long as you are a solid employee when you are at work it makes no difference if you are in the military. I would suggest a bigger fire department though. The smaller departments wont appreciate it as they don't have the staffing to shuffle around to fill your position and will just not hire you. As far as the age, I am 24 and was older than only 7 other people in my hiring group of over 35 people. People are getting hired close to and over 40 now. So do not let the age thing stop you.
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