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    Default Getting ready for Fire I?

    I have recently joined Volunteer Fire dept in my community. Joined in March, have made a bunch of calls and all in house training. Very much enjoying it. Firefighter one is typically offered in fall in my County. What do I need to do to get ready for it? I am noticing on the trainings and calls I am winded after a while and I feel I could use more strength . I am overweight but no other health issues.

    What sort of training program should I be doing now to get ready for fire one?

    Would love to lose some weight and get rid of the belly but I also feel I need to bump of my strength substanitally. Can I gain strenght and muscle while getting rid of the beer gut at that same time?

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    Get a trainer

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    don't waste your money just to have someone tell you what to do, go search the internet for tips and workouts to help you. It's right at your fingertips don't be lazy and do your research

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