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Thread: West LODD Report

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    This is no great mystery ..... Conduct pre-plans of the buildings in your district. If you don't have time to pre-plan all of them, like many VFDs, visit the biggest hazards.

    Visit them every 6 months to find out if the location or quantities of the most hazardous materials has changed.

    It doesn't take a boatload of time.
    Train to fight the fires you fight.

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    Let's be clear here. State law prohibits many counties from adopting a local fire code. However, the State Fire Marshal has adopted NFPA 101-2012 edition. Local entities without a code can appoint a fire marshal/code enforcer who can then enforce the state adopted code. Curiously, the same statute that permitted the SFMO to adopt a code also prohibits SFMO from enforcing it inside a county or municipality with a local code. Then they have to fall back on TGC 417.008 which generically states that a hazard may be ordered to be corrected. SFMO always had the power to regulate AN facilities in areas without codes under 417.008, but chose not to, either for political or practical reasons like a lack of inspectors..
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