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    Default In-station training ideas

    I am assigned to a station that's on the slower side in my county. We spend a lot of the day doing a lot of nothing. Most of the folks on my shift seem to have little interest in training beyond sitting in front of a computer. I'm looking for ideas for training that I can do around my station by myself. I want to challenge myself, learn some new things, keep my skills fresh. I'm looking for stuff a little more involved than "practice throwing ladders" or "tie some bowlines and clove hitches". I'm mostly looking to learn new skills or new techniques for old skills-anything I can do to better myself at my job each day. I'm hoping that seeing me train will motivate others to join me. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Computer oriented but helps understand fire dynamics

    Check out some of the free courses


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    Also look at your local needs , what do you encounter mainly and practice for that
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