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    Default RIT bag equipment

    Hello all,

    I am curious to what you all are carrying in the RIT Bag, or what equipment do you carry for RIT.


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    Do a search on this as I believe that it has been talked about.
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    It's not a fixed list anyway, it can differ depending on the call, the structure, or the environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvfd2167 View Post
    Hello all,

    I am curious to what you all are carrying in the RIT Bag, or what equipment do you carry for RIT.

    Not sure exactly what you mean, but we carry Scott RIC packs with 4500 bottle that include the rapid fill line, buddy breather line, regulator, and spare mask (we carry them on our two trucks, heavy rescue, and BC rigs). This is staged with regular cache of RIC tools/ladder/rope/saws/etc. Building specifics influence exact items, and company officer decides what he wants based on situation. Our RIC also throws extra ladders around building when setting up, as well as standard functions such as sizing up where to cut openings if activated and needed, removing fences and other obtructions, etc.

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    Career house the truck carries a Scott FAST Pak and rope and carabiner to make a crude 2:1.

    Volly house has the Fast Pak and a 100' bag of rope with everything needed for the Denver drill and a simple rope rescue.

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    County Chief's/Mutual aid Association has a standard RIT cache required to be on scene for all multiple alarms. Required to be on an apparatus marked by a RIT decal and reserved for RIT use only.

    -200' .5" rescue rope in bag with 4:1 mechanical advantage rigged
    -200' large area search rope bag with 3 50' tie in bags for the searchers and attached strobe light
    -TNT tool
    -RIT bag with transfill hose, SCBA cylinder, and spare mask
    -4 SCBA cylinder covers marked RIT to identify them
    -Stokes basket

    RIT is required to be manned continuously once multiple alarm companies arrive. I always bring the usual tools and TIC with me in addition.

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