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Thread: Medical Marijuana Facility

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    Default Medical Marijuana Facility

    Does anyone have any information regarding these facilities in your city/town? is there any info regarding any exposure issues with firefighters? what about any firefighters with prescriptions for medical marijuana? we have a facility opening within the next few months, if anyone can help .

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    Wear Scba

    The dept will have to develop policy if not in place either to allow use or not, and of
    If allowed when, like alcohol

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    We don't and probably won't have any here in Minnesota, but you never know...
    With that being said, a couple of things come to mind: security-I'm sure the entry points and storage area will be more along the lines of a bank or a pharmacy. So pre-planning forcible entry and horizontal ventilation will be an issue.
    Another concern would be if its also a grow facility. If so, and using hydroponics and/or special lighting, electrical use and hence supply will be much greater than the building size or design would lead. Also the ventilation system will be much larger than you would normally encounter.
    As far as exposure, a good SOP on LDH/hazardous atmospheres and SCBA use should suffice.
    The only real concern would be ensuring there is plenty of Doritos and such in the canteen when it arrives.
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