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    Default Yet another rear seatbelt airbag system

    Mercedes-Benz introduced their 2015 model of the S-class sedan. This vehicle has the possibility of having the first Mercedes rear seatbelt airbag system provided for both outboard rear seat occupants.

    This new system joins the Ford Explorer "Inflatable Belt" airbag system that has been available since the 2011 model year. The S-class Mercedes system is the feature of the July University of Extrication article in Firehouse Magazine. It will also be explained in detail during the FireHouse Expo presentation that this author will be conducting during that event.

    The first image shows the BELTBAG system. Note that with this interior trim color, the thick, black stitching along the edges of the seatbelt are visible.

    The second image shows the BELTBAG identification sewn into the seatbelt itself.
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