I am a student double majoring in Fire Science Technology and EMS, with a minor in Occupational Safety. I have been an EMT since 2011, after going through an accelerated course the summer after I graduated high school.

I had volunteered with a busy fire department as a BLS provider on a medic, and worked as an IFT EMT on a BLS shift (ugh!). My name is derived from my time as a vollie EMT, as we were often asked to provide medical standby at large events.

I came here in order to learn of effective firefighting tactics and history. At age 19, I got my first job ever -- as a firefighter recruit in a 6 month academy, but failed 4 months in as a result of not being adequately prepared physically or with skills.

I am simply clawing my way back -- gaining new knowledge, going through paramedic school, signing up for CrossFit, and generally making the best of my time before jumping into this career again.

For my privacy, I have left my name and past companies/departments anonymous.