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    Cool FDNY fireman 1st Grade looking to relocate to the West Coast

    Any information/advice on making a move to the west coast would be greatly appreciated. I've been assigned to the truck for seven years. Can anyone tell me if it's even at all possible? I'm 35 yrs old but, other than my job, living NY is not for me. Thankyou in advance for any and all support.

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    I keep reading it is competitive

    Have you been looking at any FD openings for minimum requirements??

    Do you have any medical certs??

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    Looks like calif does not play well with others, you might call the state to confirm

    At this time, SFT does not offer reciprocity for certifications, including IFSAC and Pro Board that were received in another state. In order to apply for SFT certification in California, you must meet all of the requirements listed in the SFT Procedures Manual click here (or refer to pg. 94 SFT Procedures Manual -ver. 2008). We recommend you contact the fire department requiring the certification to determine if they will accept your alternative certificates.


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    I hope you like wild land firefighting, because everything BURNS here in the west. Your certificates may give you problems when trying to transfer them to CA. Paramedic is always good to have too.

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