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    Default How do I find out which deperment in CT is hiring?

    I'm sorry, I'm a noob and in need of assistance. I really want to be a fire fighter, and I want to know which departments in CT is hiring. I know new haven is "Critically" under staffed, I emailed them when they are having the test again and I did not receive a response yet.

    I want to apply every where I can find. My friend was a cop in the NYPD for 20 years, so I can see if he can use his contacts to put a good word for me in FDNY, but I do not meet the residency requirements :/ can someone help me out please?

    Semper Fi, gents.

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    Book mark various city web sites and check them maybe twice a month

    Also some cities will let you put in a job interest card

    Email is not the way to go, you need to put the work in

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    You need to check each city to see what the minimum requirements are just to apply,

    And get them

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    What I would do if I were you:

    -Google map the area you're willing to work in. Print it out or use paint if that helps.

    -Google search each town/city name individually and check off or line out departments you've then got bookmarked to your computer, even if they're not hiring at the moment.

    -After you've gone through that, you should have a sizeable list (which should get bigger with time if you're willing to work out of state). You should be checking this list once a week, signing up for any job card notification systems you can, and regularly scanning the area again for any small towns or other volunteer opportunities you can get into in the mean time (which are unfortunately for the most part rather competitive as well).

    -Shape your resume to focus as much on fire as possible. Apply for any and all departments, go to as many interviews as possible. I recommend you really take in the hiring prerequisites. In other words, this is how the hiring game is.

    1.) Without any certifications there are 3 to 5 jobs you can apply for (all with horrendous amounts of applicants like yourself).
    2.) With EMT certification in your state, there are now 10 jobs you can apply for.
    3.) With EMT certification and IFSAC 1, there are now 15 jobs you can apply for.
    4.) So on and so forth.

    Getting a fire gig is likely not going to happen right away, although your military experience (assumption) is going to help with that, you'll likely be waiting a little while. Start looking for volunteer opportunities because many of these will take your service in exchange for sending you to schools and getting you experience. Every foot you can get into every door, you're going to need.

    Additionally, go on ride-alongs, talk with firefighters, and do random google searches for anything applicable (I.E. continuing education, volunteer opportunities like Search and Rescue and community response teams, and whatever random opportunities you might find (like intern programs).

    Good luck.
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    Don't forget to check all the career websites. indeed.com, firerecruit.com, firecareers.com, 911hotjobs.com, all are good resources, some cost money but come with additional resources like interview prep and written prep. Good Luck!

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    Here's where CT posts upcoming fire exams.

    As far as New Haven goes, they gave a test last spring, don't expect one until 2017. Second, your NYPD friend will be no help to you. The 2nd largest FD in the world does not care if your friend is a cop, it all goes by score. However don't worry about residency for the FDNY, first off your veteran's credits will get you 5 points just like residency points will. Second, if you do well enough to get hired then all you need to do is move to NYC or the neighboring counties, but you must be in NY.

    As far as CT goes, get your CPAT. You often need it to even take the test, and you will certainly need it to get hired. CT is offering a CPAT this fall. http://www.ct.gov/cfpc/cwp/view.asp?...6722&cfpcNav=|

    Also, it is no guarantee, but Stamford FD should be testing/hiring soon. They have not hired in some time and received a large amount of money in the SAFER grant, meaning they must spend all the money on new firemen or else they lose it. Any more questions about CT feel free to PM me.

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