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    Default Sigelock Systems Spartan Fire Hydrant


    So i have watched many videos and looked at many pictures of the new Sigelock Spartan Hydrants. However, being a relatively new product there are not many "user" type reviews or comments on it. What do you all think about this new design?

    They are a little to "Modern" looking for me (i find them ugly to be frank) but the whole locking system seems very innovative. I like how everything is enclosed and away from the elements. I do however think the proprietary locking device for the "security model" is awkward. not only is it another part you need to worry about but the continuity of... lets say mutual aid not having a "key for our lock" seems problematic. I am very interested to see how these hydrants work out in the few communities they are in because it is nice to have some new ideas in something relatively unchanged for decades.

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    Hey if it is good enough for Mickey must be good

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    interesting idea :::


    I can see the small recesses full of ice rendering them useless when needed in the winter
    Maybe thats why they include an ice pick on their expensive tool to open it up for use.

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    Those were some of the worst videos I ever saw. Leaking hydrant....that's a broken pipe below ground, nobody makes a hydrant that would be any different in that case. As for the noise after Sandy...we had hydrants submerged as well. They made no noise when opened. Of course, if you don't do any hydrant maintenance, an old rusty one is going to make noise....regardless of any water submersion.

    Their "different" look turned me off less than their videos did.
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    Meh, that's nothing new. Waterous has offered a cap locking system on their Pacer hydrants for several years now. As far as I know it never sold particularly well.
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