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    Default NFPA standards and Rope work

    So as fate would have it now that i have time to review standards My labtop is giving me ****.

    So as to my understanding ( PER CMC.com.) The only change that will truly effect the end user, of 1983-2012 edition is the change in wording from Light use to Technical use. And some standards change regarding testing for FR harnesses? Does anyone else have any input for me?

    Also while we are on the subject of 1983. Correct me if i am wrong or only partially correct, But to my understanding 1983 only dictates testing and certification standards for equipment. No where in the standard does it state a rope rescue system component must maintain a 15:1 safety ratio. Or all "beenrs" used in loads greater than 4 KN MUST be G rated, ( this is a example not saying I do)

    1006- Defines the capabilities of a rope rescue team and what training standards they shall meet.

    1670- defines the minimum standard for a rescuer to be qualified as a technician as well as defining what each JPR will be required for each disciplinary( Rope, CON-space, Mine, ect....)

    Correct? incorrect? Partially correct?

    Clear as mud?
    Courage, Being Scared to Death and Saddling Up anyways.

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    Sounds like you are on the right track. The tech will hopefully address the gray area of rope access and other more specialized components. As for 1983, your understanding is correct. It's not a document for the user. Your department or training staff can come up with any safety ratio they want. A 2:1,10:1 whatever... You can develope different ratios for different environments etc. It just needs to be realistic and follow established norms. NFPA never tells you how to perform a task. So there's a lot of flexibility.

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    A good read is attached.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    That's a great read. I was at ITRS that year when Jim presented his NFPA paper. The Q&A afterward was great. No one could believe that NFPA didn't tell us how and when to tie our shoes. Everyone seemed to think they had to perform SSSFs and tasks a certain way because "NFPA tells us we have to." Jim's paper was refreshing because NFPA basically said - what the hell are you guys talking about, we never mentioned SSSFs anywhere for the user and we don't care how or what equipment you are using. People were freaking out. You want to single rope technique? NFPA says no problem. You only want to use light duty hardware? NFPA says, whatever. I'm exaggerating their reply of course, but still, they don't tell us anything about how to accomplish a task. Which is a GOOD thing. We don't want that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bottrigg View Post
    That's a great read. I was at ITRS that year when Jim presented his NFPA paper.
    Yep, I was at that symposium as well.

    Jim's research on the subject was mind-numbing and very much appreciated. I certainly wouldn't have had the patience to go through all those standard and compare apples to oranges and come up with coherent answers like he did..

    Mike Dunn

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