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    Default Portable Radio Comms on the Fire Ground

    Hey there everyone. I'm looking for tips or to be pointed in the direction of some solid information on the efficient communications on the fire scene. Let me explain.

    I'm sure this is a problem with most departments but coming from a dispatcher seat now to an engine's seat its erks me a bit more than most.

    At a working structure fire or any response when we're on air it's incredibly difficult to be understood through the mask. We run Scotts and they directed us to hold the mic up to the side of the mask where the, for lack of better terms, black disks, are. That's just not cutting it.

    So in closing, any tips or an article addressing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try putting the mic up against your throat. We've had good success with that.
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    Same as Bones. I just put mine against my throat with good success.
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    Is this "black disc" the voicemitter? It sounds like that's what you're talking about. Communications aren't great but they are serviceable. Mess around with the mic positioning until you find the best spot. This should be right on the voicemitter.

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    We actually have the Voice-amps on our Scott masks and I still find the best luck with lowering the mic down towards my neck or the bottom of the mask

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    I hold my mic straight out in FRONT of the regulator and seems to work well. I know Fyred does the same and I never have a problem understanding what he's saying.
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