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    Default What should I know and expect?

    Hey everyone,

    I am hoping to get into my local department academy, Wilmington NC, this September, but I was wondering if there is anything specific that I need to know to help me out during interviews and what not like knowing the Chief's name or the number of stations in town or how many pounds a fire truck weighs....

    Also, any advice on what I might expect should I get accepted to attend the academy would be great as well.

    I feel like I'm in decent shape. I am former military, but is there any aspect of fitness, knowledge, etc. that I should focus on?



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    Know all that stuff! Number of stations, apparatus, personnel, coverage area (square miles), responses per year, anything you can dig up on the department. It'll help seperate yourself from the group and show that you did the research. When I got hired I got the "What do you know about the department?". Needless to say when I rattled through everything the interview panels jaws dropped. Not saying that's why I was hired, but it made the question a gimmie and eased my nerves. The eat stress link above helped me tons when I got hired. The methods work, just stick to it. Best of luck!

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