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    Default Formation Running & Proper Form

    Here is a pet peeve of mine: Formation running done wrong and bad form.

    When a person runs various mechanics come into play for proper form - the form for each person varies depending on how they're built but generally here are some tips:

    - chin up (don't want to close the wind pipe)
    - shoulders back and not rounded (don't want to deflate your lungs)
    - unless you're sprinting your body should be lose and not flexed
    - Don't hold your breath, your body needs the oxygen to continue performing
    - foot strike (toes for when you sprint, mid foot when you run and heel strike when you jog or walk)
    - raise your toe before landing so that you don't shuffle. The shuffle will cause a stopping motion that transfers energy to your ankles, shins, knees, hips, back etc and eventually cause injuries such as the infamous shin splints.
    - How many foot strikes per minute & are you consistent
    - Over stride and hyper extending the knee, landing straight leg will send shock up your body and cause injuries similar to shuffling.
    - Does your foot roll in/out pronate/supinate
    - Do you have a flat foot, high arch, collapsing arch, neutral arch - does your shoe match your gait?
    - Your bodies need to recover so you should run 2 short runs and 1 longer run each week, gradually increasing. (some people can and will do more)
    - Your TOTAL distance per week should only increase approx 10% the following week.
    - As a trainer or Instructor, If you don't think they're working hard enough, try the talk test. Can they form a full sentence while running their heart rate is probably low to mid range. If its broken up, it means their body is using a lot more oxygen and the heart rate has probably spiked.
    - and for F*ck sake, let them warm up before making them do sprints. Cold muscles are like rubber bands in a freezer.

    That all being said, when you put 10-20-30 guys into a formation and make them run at the slowest or fastest guys speed, it throws off all of these mechanics and in turn causes injury. (patella pain from tracking off, shin splints, arch pain, lower back pain etc...
    They should be broken into groups of 2-5 according to their mile per minute. Short distances and cadence runs are fun here and there. I'm a big fan of using them to teach guys to control their breathing while running. If you're looking to improve a recruits cardio, it needs to be done with all of the aforementioned in mind.

    On a side note, I've never enjoyed running on blacktop / concrete / treadmill. Its not engaging to me. I like running on trails for various reasons but primarily because natural earth will absorb the shock of your foot hitting the ground where as Concrete will send that shock back up your body.

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    I like the "Heartbreak Ridge" formation and cadence

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    Great info!! Thx

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