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Thread: Firefighter or EMT classes?

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    Default Firefighter or EMT classes?

    So I am now a Georgia certified volunteer firefighter, and I'm trying to decide which class to take this fall. My department is offering Firefighter 1, Driver/Engineer, and EMT-A. I can either take both Firefighter 1 and driver/engineer, or I can just take EMT-A. I'm not sure what route to take. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    what is your future goal

    go paid or stay volunteer

    if paid, you need to get whatever certs you need just to apply!!!

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    If you've already gotten your EMT, I think most agencies don't really distinguish (at hire) whether you're somewhere inbetween B and P. Probably better off getting fire certification.

    That said, double check the types of agencies you'd like to work for and see what their entry level requirements are.
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    I would encourage you to complete your EMT course. 85% of the calls you will respond to are EMS calls. You will be able to treat patients. You can learn much of the pumping/driving skills in the back of the station. You will be much more valuable to the crew with EMT certification. Once you finish the EMT course, continue with the others. Good luck to you!
    Paul Lepore
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    If you're already an EMT-B, just take fire classes. In today's fire service, most paid departments are requiring EMT-B at a minimum. If they don't require it, they will highly recommend it. EMT-B and Fire certs for sure!

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