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    Default Introducing myself - OGFD. From NJ, Living in TN

    I've come across this page several times in my research , building a welcome packet forr new recruits complete with glossary of terms, tools, slang, etc. I keep getting redirected to threads from this forum which always has very beneficial insight for me to use...so I decided to join. Hoping to continue learning from you guys and gals, have fun ball/ovary busting, and contribute my own insights.

    I'm originally from NJ. I was a firefighter there for 2 years. I joined a local dept here while living in TN recently and am so glad to be back in the fight.

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    Default Hi Everybody i am new here

    Hi Everyone i am new here . i am live in Australia . i have 25 years old i am student and business man . no more today next day my detail information provide all off them .

    Thanks .

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