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    Default Going to medical, how to frame "viral bronchospasm” vs “asthma"...

    Hey folks!
    I am on the last step of my hiring process, and will be going to a medical soon. Im not quite sure what to expect. My main concern is that occasionally, with viral illness, I get mild bronchospasm that is treated with an albuterol inhaler. This happens so rarely that my last MDI prescription was more than 2 years ago. The only other time I have bronchospasm is during prolonged and direct exposure to Cats (2hrs +). I have never spasmed during exercise, from the environment, from smoke, or from chemicals. I am a competitive endurance athlete, high altitude mountaineer and have excellent lung capacity/spirometry levels at base line. I am still concerned that the NFPA 1582 guidelines referring to “asthma” may destroy my dreams, years of work, and schooling. Does anyone have any advice on how to frame this issue going into my medical so it doesn’t DC me,while still being truthful? Thanks for any help you can offer, I am attempting to be as pro-active as possible to prevent this issue.
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    Sounds like none issue

    Have you looked into allergy shots??? They do work

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