Cell Tower Worker Dies After Accident

A man is dead after an accident at a Verizon cellphone tower in Harrison County. It happened off Waits Road around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Emergency crews spent more than seven hours on the scene trying to recover the man's body from the cell tower. It was simply a horrific scene.

"It's horrible, I cried. When I come out and looked up there I cried," said Stacey Slade who lives next door to the Verizon cellphone tower. "All you can see is just his body hanging, it's awful."

It's an image Slade said she won't ever forget. The man died on the tower feet from her home, doing the same job as her husband.

"I worry every day if I am going to get that call about their dad.It's just awful," said Slade. Sadly a family did get that call Wednesday.

The Sheriff said four men in their twenties from a company in Indiana were changing booms on the tower, when the accident happened. Two workers were on the ground and two workers were in the air on the tower. Investigators said they had lowered the old equipment and were bringing up the new boom, when suddenly something went wrong.

"Something broke and then the 1,800 lb boom fell to the ground," said Harrison County Sheriff Bruce Hampton. Investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. What they do know is that somehow a cable hit the man.

"Especially for the guy that was there next to him and you see a man's head, you see him just decapitated, it's very frightful," said Sheriff Hampton.

The three other workers weren't hurt, but certainly shaken. The man's body was stuck in the tower 240 feet in the air. The Northern Kentucky Technical Rescue group was called in to help with the recovery, however it took hours.

During the lengthy wait, neighbors took time to mourn. "Just a loss you know. Thats a life that was taken for this kind of work," said Slade. Dangerous work Slade said she hopes can one day become safer in light of this accident.

Now her heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy. "Sending love their way and I just wish them the best," said Slade.

As of Wednesday night not much was known much about the man who was killed, other than he was from out of state.

Verizon released this statement concerning the accident: "Our thoughts are with the family and the colleagues of those impacted by today's incident near Cynthiana, KY. We are working closely with our vendor and first responders on the scene as we continue to gather additional information."