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    Default Basic Spill Kits

    I am trying to organize some basic supplies to deal with basic fuel and oil spills on the road from MVI's. I have been told kitty litter works well. Dose anyone use it or is it better to go with the actual absorbents?
    If someone could supply me with a list of basic supplies you carry, that would give me a great start. We are not HazMat certified at all.

    I was thinking the absorbent pads, and socks.
    A couple 5 gal buckets.
    Shovels of course we have.

    Any more feedback would be muchly appreciated.


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    A spill kit would definitely come in handy with MVIís. Instead of kitty litter, I would suggest getting a professional spill absorbent like New Pig or SpillFix. I would also add some safety equipment: rubber gloves, safety goggles, etc. You might not think youíll need them, but youíll sure be happy you added them to your kit if you ever do need them!

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