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    Exclamation Malahat.... Paged.....

    Its been a long time since I have posted in any of the Forums, and it saddens me that this is not a happy post.

    Malahat Fire Rescue got paged out this afternoon, to a two vehicle MVI on the Trans Canada Highway at Shawnigan Lake Road. Secondary information update indicated that a motorcycle was involved. My wife and I were just on our way home from a shopping trip and were about 3/4 mile back from the incident site when the tones dropped. I was able to drive to within 200 yards, and then had to run/walk the rest of the way... And ya... It was all up hill. Go figure.

    In any case, upon my arrival, I find the Chief and one other member hooking the AED and commencing CPR on a male patient. After many compressions from four of our crew, and the excellent guidance from the BCAS crews that arrived shortly behind me, we got the patient loaded. I was selected to ride the amb and offer further CPR assistance to the 3 man crew for the ride down to Victoria General. Lucky me, for having more ambo experience than all our FD guys, except maybe the Chief. *(Thank you Fairfax County and Vienna VFD! That training was very valued today)

    In any case, our patient was lost due to his unjuries caused by the blunt force trauma, but I think we were able to keep his organs alive - maybe it will be to help someone else. Either way, there is a family out there tonight who is sorely missing a husband, father, brother or son, and my greatest heartfelt prayers are out to them for their loss.

    Sucks to be me, this was my fourth CPR call and I have not had a happy, successful conclusion yet, except that all of them have been what I can only term as "Positive
    Failures". I learn something from each one, and know that my skills have been taught and learned well. The monitors showed that I can deliver strong and consistent compressions. Not much more to be said.

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    Malahat, good to see you back here. Sorry for the outcome of the call. It's all too common.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Thanks Bones, and yes it is all too common an event.

    In "Other News", its been a very busy week for Malahat Fire/Rescue. On Wednesday afternoon, the Chief, DC and Lt all headed off to Saltspring Island for a weekend of training (HAZMAT Ops and some other things) in the end, 6 of our senior staff were on the Training Ground. Around 0030, Thursday night, we were paged to a single car rollover. No significant unjuries, but we got to spend about 30 minutes watching while the tow truck guy tried to figure out how to flip the car back on its wheels. At that time, we still had a couple of other of our senior folks, who had not yet departed for Saltspring Island with us to take care of the problem.

    Now, comes Saturday. It started off as a normal July day on the Hill. Weather was warm and clear, and promising to get stupid hot, which it did. I was detailed to do a bus charter (my new employment post army retirement), but due to "Operator Error", I mis-read my schedule. Short end there, I was home several hours sooner than I should have been, when the tones dropped.

    Seems some of the newer guys were at the Station, doing some extra training and maintenance when a Concerned Citizen came to them to report "Big clouds of smoke coming from somewhere near Spectacle Lake Park." The Park boundries our station property. The boys grab T5 and go to investigate. They arrive to the parking lot and observe big smoke, and smell of burning brush and a fast investigation shows fire on the hill above the parking lot, beginning to take some of the bigger pines, and approximately 1 hectare in size. This all started at around 1730 Saturday. In very short order, we request mutual aid from Shawnigan Lake and Mill Bay for man power, (an extra tender and engine) and BC Forestry, as the Park is on Crown Land. In the end, we had 25 bodies from the three Fd's and Forestry. Forestry brought in a full IA team, plus two helos and at the peak of operations, there were also two air tankers in the air.

    During all of this, I was running water shuttles and answering calls from the Chief. He and the training crew caught the 2000hr boat, headed for home, and managed to arrive just as we were commencing clean up (many hands make light work! LOL) and we wrapped up our end of things just before midnight.

    Getting to see how Forestry works, up close and personal was a really good education - the IA Team Leader was excellent to work with, and THANK YOU also, to the crews from Mill Bay and Shawnigan Lake. We know you guys were also short handed due to the training session on Saltspring Island. Everyone worked hard and we got the job done.

    Here is a copy of the Check 6 News link: (hope it works); as the Chief was out of town, some poor sap Firefighter had to do the interview....

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