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    Default Firefighter invents Smartphone App | Needs Your Help!

    Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    I'm a third generation Firefighter in South Florida. I need your help getting the word out about a patent pending smartphone app that you will love! It can be used to capture firehouse memories around the kitchen table. It's called TiLoTag and it was inspired by my oldest son who loves history. (click the link on the bottom for the full story of TiLoTag)

    TiLoTag allows you to preserve memories in the exact location of the memory for future generations to discover. Thing about the fun memories you can capture around the firehouse kitchen table!

    For example, both my Grandfathers and Father were Firefighters. They served in FDNY. With TiLoTag I will be able to leave a message (photo, video, audio or text) outside of their fire stations and when my friends or future grandchildren are in the area they will get an alert of a memory that was left there.

    I made a video that captures how you can use TiLoTag.

    I am currently on the Kickstarter website trying to finish my app. I only have 7 DAYS LEFT and I sure could use some help from my Brother and Sister Firefighters!

    I have been taking whatever overtime I can grab to try and complete the development of this app. The patent process and app development is expensive! Any help you can provide will greatly accelerate bring TiLoTag Version 1.0 to the marketplace.

    Click the link below to find more information including videos that explain TiLoTag and how you can help me.

    Here is the link ---> Help Firefighter reach his goal on Kickstarter

    I truly appreciate your help and support.

    Stay low and be safe!

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    Ray Briant
    Firefighter and Inventor of TiLoTag
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