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    Default External cell phone battery

    Anyone use an external cell phone battery

    Such as for travel where you cannot use a car charger or no 110 power?

    Any good models?

    Pro con?? Doing a eight hour trip and iPhone does not last long and will have no way to charge it

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    They sold me one when I upgraded to my new phone. So far it's helped my out a few times with both my phone and my tablet (both Android, both use the same mini-USB connector).

    While it can be charged separately, I can also daisy-chain the phone and the external battery and charge them with one charger.

    The one they sold my is a Motorola. Don't recall a model number.

    I'd recommend getting one, especially for situations such as you describe.
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    I have an Anker Astro 3E. No problems with it, about the same size as my phone. Works well.

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