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    Default Dropping 5" on every alarm

    So, the topic has finally made it to my department of dropping supply line and tying into the hydrant on every fire alarm call. There are some larger departments in the area that have started doing this. Does anyone here do it? What are your thoughts, good or bad?

    I'll share an example of why I'm against it right now. It was mentioned for a call we go to quite often: a dorm at the local college. I have been to this dorm many times over my career for false alarms. It was mentioned that we should drop 5" on this call and other fire alarms so we don't get caught being complacent with it being "just another fire alarm." We have 2 engines responding from our 2 stations on every call. (1 from each station).

    I, for one, think that you should have enough confidence in your officers to be able to make that call. Also, I despise blanket policies for something that may never happen. It's my belief that knowing your first due, you have an idea of what to plan for. Your response should be based on what will happen 99.9% of the time, not the .1% of the time. I'm not saying don't train an practice for the worst case scenario, but for your average response, I believe you should go with what you know. For our scenario, the second in engine can easily catch a hydrant if necessary and the IC from the first engine will get there and should know if there is a fire pretty quickly. During these 100 degree days, needlessly dropping 5" seems like a burden. Also, our difference is if we catch another call, there is no one else to respond besides us. Larger departments usually have other stations that can cover. If another call comes in, you can't really just leave your 5" laying and go to the next call...you might need it!

    Thanks for any input!

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    Wear and tear and time as you mention

    Especially if you have a lot of calls

    Is it just fire alarm system runs or every run???

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    Dropping LDH on every alarm sounding? No way. Sure, if there's ANY indication something may be unusual about the alarm, but for a simple alarm with no additional information, I wouldn't do it.

    If anything, have the 2nd engine stage and prepare to either forward or reverse lay (depending on how your department works) to the hydrant if needed, or to support the FDC as required and/or equipped.
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    Default That's right

    Yes, as it was mentioned to us, it would be every fire alarm we run, which is what some of these larger departments have started doing recently. I personally think it is overkill. I like the idea an suggested staging the 2nd due at the hydrant until you can confirm no fire. That puts you in position for the worst case, but doesn't needlessly waste time and resources.

    Keep the input coming!

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