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    Default Old monitors, need info

    Our department has a couple of old ground monitors that we no longer use and I was hoping someone might be able provide some (any) information on them.

    The first monitor has 3, 2 1/2" inlets. Without blowing out my back, the only markings I could find are on the inlets themselves; Wooster Brass. Google doesn't turn up much information (I will be honest- I haven't exactly spent hours looking though), but I have found other nozzles, a patent and an advertisement that lead me to think that Wooster Brass was separate from Akron Brass (which is located in Wooster, OH). Can anyone provide any info on Wooster Brass, this monitor specifically and what it might be worth?
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    The second monitor I have no idea who the manufacturer is, as you can probably tell it's behind the Wooster monitor and on top of a safe about 6' high. It is currently mounted on a board for a base, but I have a feeling that wasn't the original means of mounting it. Any thoughts on this one?
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    The second one is an older fly monitor for a straight stick.

    As for the monetary value of them, of course the most you would get is scrap. If there is a collector out there looking for a model-specific device, they might be willing to pay more depending on how badly they want it.

    As an antique apparatus owner, I strongly encourage you to consider donating them to someone with an antique rig that may need them or could use them to trade with other antique owners for needed equipment. You might also consider donating them to a nearby SPAAMFAA chapter.
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    So the second one is off of an aerial device? Interesting... I'd like to know how we got it!

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