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Thread: Apparatus & AFG?

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    Default Apparatus & AFG?

    We have not applied for apparatus in AFG before so please help me out.....If we apply for apparatus we obviously list out what we have....I have heard that if you are replacing a particular apparatus (IE Ladder) does it ask how long you have had a ladder or the one you currently wish to replace? Hope that makes since...
    For example if a agency bought there first ladder truck and it was 15 years old....and then in 5 years submit AFG request to replace..
    Anyone out there that has more info on apparatus request would be great thanks and good luck!

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    Without yet knowing what will change in the FY2014 application, the previous year(s) have required you to answer the following question under the Vehicle Acquisition details:

    *12. How long have you owned the vehicle you are replacing? xx Years (whole number only) or N/A

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    And the purpose of the question is to keep crooked people from buying a 1966 ladder truck for $800 and then getting hundreds of thousands for a new one to "replace" it six months later.
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    Sarcasm alert

    You mean that there are folks out there that would scam the system by doing something like that.
    I'm shocked. :-O
    AFG figured it out after a few years and added the questions on time of ownership.

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