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    Default Washington State Firefighters.

    Hello to fellow brothers and sisters in Washington State. My wife and I are thinking about moving to Washington state. Not exactly sure where yet precisely but hopefully in the rural areas around Seattle. I have been firefighting for 20 years in Arkansas. I was wondering what if any of my training for transfer to Washington. Would like to be part of a volunteer fire department when we move. I'll be FFI by the end of the year. I also have Hazmat Ops, SARTECH II ( Nasar) Swiftewater Ops and rope ops.
    It's a very beautiful area. We will probably move in about 2 years but want to start looking in to things now. Any help from any firefighters in Washington State would be great.

    Thank you.

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    I'm thinking many of them may be a little too busy right now to reply.

    Good luck out there brothers. Keep your heads up.
    Train to fight the fires you fight.

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    get it from the Horse:::


    If you have questions about individual certifications, reciprocity, or historical recognition, or if you would like information on Certified Testing Personnel (i.e., evaluators, proctors, etc.), please contact the Accreditation & Certification Unit at: ifsacquestions@wsp.wa.gov


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