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Thread: Is it worth becoming a explorer for only a year while waiting to go to academy?

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    Default Is it worth becoming a explorer for only a year while waiting to go to academy?

    I am considering all my options pre-academy...I am 17 and going to a academy next year in would it be benifical to look in to anything pre-academy...explorer/junior or whatever it might be?....I'm not to familiar with the pre-firefighter programs so thoughts and ideas are welcome!thanks
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    Yes it will help in multiple ways

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    I was an explorer for nearly 2 years, and then had 2 years between then and an academy. Even with the time between the two I still had a step up on a lot of people and they came to me for help. Personally I feel like explorers is an exceptional way for people to discover if it's something they really want to do (but with you going to an academy next year, it sounds like you already know it's what you want to do) and get some early training. I would recommend that you go for it.
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    Yes it is. Get in as much training as you can. I know as much as full members because I have been to calls and meetings since I was five and have always paid attention and it is helping me now being an explorer.

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