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    Default Transition from Air Force FD to City FD


    My name is Justin and I am an active duty fire fighter with the AF. I will be separating in March 2015 and want to join a city. If there is anyone that has made the jump from AF to City Dept I would love to pick your brain and get some insight on the process. I have all my ones completed and finishing up my twos. Will I be over qualified for a fire fighter position? I have also sent in my IFSAC certs to NC to be reciprocated. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds like you are on your way

    No you will be under qualified !! Most cities do not fly planes, and most cities do a lot of medical runs with fires every so often .

    Appears you have already looked into what nc requires

    Make sure you check various city web sites for minimum requirements to apply.

    See if they will let you put in a job interest card.

    Best advice is test everywhere and often , do not settle on one or two depts, it is a long process to get hired

    Ohhhh and most cities work. 56 hour weeks

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