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    Default What did/does "Brotherhood" mean to you?

    Recently I wrote an article titled "Erosion of the Brotherhood" which has taken on a life of its own and generated several discussions. So as the author of that article out of curiosity and personal knowledge, as a probie, rookie, or recruit; what did you think about the Brotherhood when you joined the fire service, was it a factor for you joining, have you found what you were looking for? Why or why not?

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    I have been a firefighter for going on 9 years, I just recently was hired full-time though. It's been branded into us from the start that Brotherhood means standing up for each other in the time of need, and be kind to each other both on and off the job, ect. Since I have been full-time, I am seeing more and more cliques between our new guys. A lot of the time I feel like I am "that guy" that a lot of people don't want to work with especially now that I am one of the full-time guys. I think the newest generation of firefighters have lost the true meaning of Brotherhood and now it's a huge clique(s).

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    As a new firefighter (I may be a bit naive, the more experience I get the more it seems that way) I see the brotherhood as the bond between folks who risk their lives together.

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    To me I believe brotherhood means that we are all in this together state to state city to city, no matter how far away from your home department or how close. I believe that it is one of the most important thing in the fire service and we have lost a lot of it because, in my opinion, a lot of younger guys have joined and try to separate themselves into cliques. I myself am only 19, and have only been in the fire service for three years but I feel like the older generation in that I believe in the brotherhood of firefighters around the world.

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    I have been a volunteer for three years, and fulltime at 2 departments for a total of seven, and it saddens me to hear alot of people talk about the "new guys/young guys". I'm not that old myself at 33, but I still consider myself a young guy in comparison with sopme of the experienced guys that I work with. I think that there are cliques all over at every fire station, truck v. engine, or even among the shifts. Hopefully those cliques are all broken down when the respective units gather at the table and share a meal.
    I guess the overlying theme here is that there are cliques no matter where you go, the important thing is not whether you are in with the "cool" kids, it's that you keep a healthy respect for the men/women that you go to battle with when the tones go off. Respect is much different than popularity and thats what the word clique suggests to me.

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