Hello. I'm a probie who recently had to leave my old volunteer department because I got a new job in Maryland, and now that I've settled into a work routine, I want to join a department. I had a few questions for those that are familiar with the state:

1. I believe I read somewhere that Maryland doesn't have blue light laws, so there's no point in buying one for my car. Just wanted to double check.

2. Back where I lived, you joined your towns volunteer department and there was no other alternative. Here, I've been told you can apply to any department in state, and it's up to them whether they accept you or not (regardless of geographical location). If this is true, I'm living in the Baltimore area and was wondering if anyone had a certain department in mind they would recommend. I'm hoping to find a serious department that offers good in house training.

3. When I left my old department, I didn't have any certs, because I was just about to take the final for FF1. Will this look bad when I interview for a new department?

Any insight you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!