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    Default The Elephant in the Living Room! Let us make this an active Forum?

    The problem of weight and obesity issues is the Elephant in the Living Room! No one wants to deal with this problem for a very good reason: the problem is getting worse in spite of every effort made by the Fire Service. Instead of being critical about the problem let us all agree to be part of the solution. We can take responsibility for ourselves at home and in the fire house. We can make an effort to change the eating culture of our fire house at least by what we choose to eat on duty.

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    Eating sensibly and in controlled amounts is the key.
    Don't eat junk food, don't exist on fast food thats full of useless calories and fat.
    Baked chicken or fish instead of fried, cut out the chips, cheeto's and other crap filler food products.
    drink water instead of soda

    Don't eat just before going to bed, instead eat & then get a little exercise to help digest your meal.
    don't sit & eat a quart of ice cream while watching the tube before bed.

    Burn more calories than you take in every day

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