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    Default Is this an effective CPAT training regimen?

    I am currently starting to train for the NJ CPAT. I have more than a year to train, but figured i should get a head start, because as i stand now I have almost no upper body (5'4, 145 lbs). I do however have good cardio and leg strength because i did a year of incline running on a treadmill. I joined a gym and this is what i have started doing to prepare:

    1. 20 mins Stairmill training...Once i finish the stairmill i immediately go to a treadmill and do interval running of 30 seconds at 10 mph, then 15 seconds walking, then another 30 seconds at 10 mph and so on for 10 mins. I felt this would replicate the burst of energy and then walk to the enxt event on the cpat and would properly train my breathing and heartrate.

    2. The next day I would do weight training, hitting all the major upper body and leg muscles. I also use a rope machine that my gym has

    I alternate which training i do everyday, and take 1 day off a week, so I am getting 3 days a week of each type of training.

    Do you think this will properly prepare em for CPAT? is there anything i should add in, certain exercise to do, or anything i should take out? Also I have been using the weight machines at the gym. Is it more beneficial to use free weights or are they all the same?

    -Thanks for your help

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    It is a good start. Are you using a gym or physical fitness place? Find someone that has an old truck or tractor tire you can flip over and over. Use a 10 pound sledge hammer and hit that tire until you can't any more. This builds up upper body too.
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