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    Default Could somone help me with the hiring process's ?

    hello, right now I just graduated high school in June. Ive been in the fire service sense I was 16. Ive taken ever state class here in ny that I can. Im looking to get into wildland firefighting how do I go about it ? im completely puzzled any help would be great thanks guys

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    First, my advice would be to move to the west coast (AZ, CA, CO, etc.) That is where the bulk of the jobs for wildland. The federal level is also an option, but incredibly competitive and they seldom hire or train people with no previous experience. I would get a "Red Card" as soon as possible, if you don't already have one. This is the certification accepted pretty much nationally for wildland.

    A google search for "Wildland Red Card" should supply you with a wealth of resources on the whole process.

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