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Thread: Junior Firefighter with a radio on scene

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    Default Junior Firefighter with a radio on scene

    Before you tell me to go search the forums, I have read several posts about this topic, but never really got the direct answer I'm looking for.. How do you all feel about a Junior Firefighter grabbing a portable out of the truck on a call? Such as snagging a hydrant and waiting to be told to turn it on, or someone needs tools etc.. How do you feel about a Junior having a portable on them and just 'listening', not talking at ALL?
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    Ask your chief

    Whatever his and dept policy is should be followed

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    In my department, when on call with the ambulance or truck, we are allowed to use the spare radio or pager available, but as fire49 stated, it would be best to ask your chief about this
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    If a firefighter (Junior, Explorer, cadet, full) needs a radio for the job they are doing on a fire scene, give them a radio. If not, don't. This doesn't need to be complicated.

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    I support it as long as all senior members that need a radio have one, then a junior can have one and if a junior wants to purchase a radio of his own or use a department radio then the department needs to teach them how to use a radio properly and teach the 10 codes or whatever the department uses
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    I would agree talk to your officer about this first. If you department does not want you to carry one I would be very careful rocking the boat. Nothing worse than a probie or JR rocking the boat.

    That being said I do personally believe there is a positive thing to sitting and listening to the radio. I advise our guys to always listen to the fire ground chatter. You can learn how to communicate as your department expects. If you have a pager and they stay on the main when the fire is going on you could always switch to that channel. however I don't think there is many departments that don't go to a operations channel anymore.

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