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    I'm hoping this hasn't been covered before. I tried a couple searches, but you know how that goes.

    There has been some talk about consolidation in our area lately. Rather than jump into things with assumptions we would like to hire a consultant to come in and do a study involving as many as 8 area combination and volunteer agencies and recommend ways for us to improve our efficiency with an eye on wether or not consolidation (in whole or in part) would be a benefit.

    Anyone have any thoughts on available funding for such an endeavor? I was looking at the AFG programs but this doesn't seem to be a good fit for any of them. If you know of any other sources I should look into please let me know.

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    College project???

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    Private foundations are most likely the only option. The only projects that I've seen eligible through federal or state grants have been wildfire or disaster mitigation planning. Consolidating departments isn't very likely to be eligible in any government programs. We've done some work in that arena before, I'm heading to FRI in the morning but feel free to drop an email and I'll reply as soon as I can. Driving up since it's quicker. Booth 3253 if anyone else will be there, stop on by and take some goodies so I don't have to drag it all back home...
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