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    Default Minimum Equipment need it...Help!!!

    Dear All,

    In my fire department we are trying to create a small group for rope rescue..let`s say starting with five guys and we need some advice about the amount of equipment need it for basic operations..

    The main focus will be give support in MVA rescue operations, (low angle operations), and other interventions with falls no longer than 100-150 feets, using some mechanical advantages,...

    Beside the basic PPE (helmet, harnesses, gloves, safety shoes, etc,), basket, communications, and the most important..... PROPER TRAINING

    How many ropes, webbing, carabiners, anchor plates, pulleys, etc.., could you sugest me??? This is to make some calculations of the cost.....

    Thanks in advance..Best Regards

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    Off the top of my head:

    2 MPD's
    2 i'Ds
    5 ropes
    20 carabiners
    5 matched sets of prusiks
    10 single sheave pulleys
    5 double sheave pulleys
    300' webbing
    150' 8mm cordage
    5 small anchor plates

    Split that between each of the harnesses and rig from the harness rather than a rigging bag. The MPDs an a mirrored system eliminate a lot of initial training needs and allow you to focus on a "big picture" view of rope rescue right from the start.

    Send me an email if there if you have any questions about the list.

    I used to be DCFDRescue 2. Forum changover locked me out.


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    Kelly, thanks a lot!!!!



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    Mark -

    I know I'm late to the party. my email is info@technicalrc.net If you need additional assistance; shoot me a note.


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