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    Default Anyone hear from Wilmington NC re: interviews?

    In the last email I received, Wilmington (NC) FD said they would contact applicants the week of August 11-15 to let them know if they moved on to the panel interview. Maybe no news is bad news, and I didn't get it, or maybe they haven't sent the notices yet. Figured I'd ask around.

    Anybody heard from Wilmington NC yet?

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    according to the update posted on their candidate portal on the 14'th, they were, in fact, planning on having all of the e-mails sent out before the end of the day Friday. It said they were having I.T. problems and that was the cause of the delay. I do not know if they were sending e-mails to those who did not make it to the third phase, or if they were only sending them to those that are moving forward. Hope you got one at the last minute. saw that your post was at 4:46.

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