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    Default Cutter's Edge BULLET Chain

    So we are currently looking into a bullet chain for our Husqvarna chain saw which currently has a raptor carbide chain on it. Cutter's Edge said that the chain is compatible for it. I am wondering if it is something worth getting. Thank you.

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    It is more than likely worthwhile, however the Husqy motor should be sized big enough to move the chain at the appropriate operating speed. Cutters Edge saws use Husqy blocks with modified induction, carburetors and shrouds. If the chain does not spin fast enough, the teeth can and will get knocked off by nails and other "hard" materials and impacts.
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    I agree on the chain speed. You want these cutters to move really fast. I'm waiting for pricing on the bullet blade.

    We use Stihl's RDR carbide chain. And we bought a diamond coated wheel to sharpen it in house. The Stihl carbide rescue chain can be sharpened like regular chain, but you need a diamond coated wheel.
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    I like the Raptor chain. The rake between the teeth is large. The chain does not clog with material your cutting. I do believe that the Bullet chain is more expensive that the Raptor chain, but I could be wrong.

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