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    Default Fire 1 online classes?

    hi all, first post although ive been lurking for a while. I recently got my medic cert, now i need a FF1 academy. Is there an online school where i can take these prerequisites for most of these CA FF1 academy's?

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    Congratulations of earning your medic license. I am sure you are finding that here in California, most departments require a basic fire academy. The challenge you will now have is to get paramedic experience while taking classes enroute to completing a basic fire academy.

    The best advice I can give you is to work as a 911 paramedic. This means working in a system that responds to first in 911 calls. DO NOT WORK ON AN EMT AMBULANCE WITH A PARAMEDIC LICENSE. Any department who hires you will expect you to be a competent paramedic. No department wants to hire a "Stale" paramedic.

    I recently conducted my department's entry level firefighter/paramedic recruitment. I invited 15 people to paramedic practical exams. The number of people who passed was extremely disappointing (considering we have a significant number of openings). The test was not hard. It was exactly what you would expect from a paramedic practical exam. I personally spoke to each candidate and told them that we have a large number of openings. I told them where they could go to get a copy of the grading sheets my evaluators would be using. I reminded my evaluators that we needed people to pass so we could hire them.

    Im the end the fail rate was unbelievable.

    If you are a paramedic preparing for a skills assessment, it's imperative that you practice. Get the National Registry grading sheets, borrow an intubation manikin, and a rhythm generator and be prepared to run a code. Don't forget your BLS skills too.
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    Great, thx. Yes, looks like most of these academy's require some basic classes already taken, so im trying to get them done online. Hopefully i will get in spring 2015 academy, then get hired on with AMR as a medic somewhere in socal after that. Thanks again.

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