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    Thumbs up Are you ready...?

    Merely an idea at this point, however ' imagination is performance being conceived'.

    Following is merely a proposed extrication training program. Please read through and offer your ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc.

    Being Proposed:
    The event is a multi-day training session that is comprehensive, intensive, and featuring very challenging realistic extrication scenarios. It is designed for responders who have progressed through the typical extrication training courses and have gained experience in the ‘real world’. This will likely be the most challenging event they’ve ever encountered, reigning in all their knowledge and skills. Nothing less than THE premier event.

    A 3-4 day training event featuring classroom and hands-on learning. Prefacing the ‘main events’ extrication scenarios will be intensive classroom sessions and instructor guided hands-on for equipment familiarization. The multi-day event is required to prepare attendees for the challenges to be faced. It is likely evening sessions will be required in addition to daytime sessions. This allows time for a multitude of learning, yet allowing intellectual absorption of the information.

    Topics to be covered:
    A wide range of topics will be covered by subject matter specialists, including (but not limited to):

    Timber Cribbing (including calculation of capacity)

    Strut Stabilization Systems (including calculation of strut and base restraint forces)

    Advanced Tools & Techniques for Auto Extrication (hands-on demonstration)

    Advanced Steels vs. Extrication (including hands-on)

    Air Bag/Cushion Lifting using High, Medium, and Low Pressure Systems

    Advanced Rigging Tools and Techniques (including A-Frame and Tripod plus force calculations)

    Winching Operations for Rescuers (hands-on demonstration including resistance calculation and multi-line layups)

    The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns and Underrides (heavy rescue)

    Multi-Vehicle Triage and Marking (hands on demonstration)

    The MARCH Acronym (the latest in trauma care)

    Synergistic Trauma and Hypothermia Lethality (based on current war-fighting operations, ‘good medicine in bad places’)

    Various subject matter specialists will offer classroom and hands-on learning. These will be credible, no-nonsense (not entertainers!) people who are recognized as being ultimately knowledgeable and respected. The presenters will be enthusiastic, safety oriented, and willing to offer 150%.

    Training Scenarios:
    After preparation of the attendees, they will be challenged with a minimum of two multi-vehicle scenarios. These scenarios will involve at least three (or more) big rig vs. auto collisions, multiple auto vs. auto collisions, and autos in various positions. Likely these scenarios will involve no less than 12-15 vehicles (each requiring extrication). Extrication will be the prevalent task, including all the skills and knowledge they acquired in the classroom and demonstrations. Also, triaging the vehicles/victims themselves plus managing a scene that will offer darkness, live fire, smoke, and sound. All of the training will be guided and managed by presenters and safety officers. This will not be a MPI exercise, rather focusing on extrication. Further the 'main events' will be a learning exercise, not simply a 'free-for-all'. The challenges are real, requiring lots of physical labor.

    Vendors will offer the latest tools to use.

    No venue has been selected nor cost determined. What would you pay for a 4-day event that offers such learning opportunities?

    Attendance would be very limited to offer MAXIMUM HANDS-ON!

    Please offer your sincere suggestions for scenarios, student selection, tools you'd want to see/use. I do ask for credible suggestions that would transcend into a grand event.

    The final question is...would you attend such an event? What would attract and entice you to attend?

    Thanks to those interested.

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    I forgot to post this info originally...this event is a NON-PROFIT fundraiser for a nationally recognized group whose only focus is extrication.

    Presenters will be among the BEST available, not simply 'entertainers'.

    Likely this will be the BEST extrication training experience you've ever had.

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    Honestly, it sounds like it may be overkill. You could probably go decades and only respond to a handful of these extreme type incidents.

    Also sounds like the cost would be prohibitive. Even as non-profit. Four days is also a long commitment.

    Curious to hear what others think.

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    Even retired 4 days is too long of a commitment for me to make.
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    Some things to consider:

    1) Several have already expressed a concern with the course length and with the content. Maybe offer the 4 day class to extrication instructors. This program could be a great continuing education program for instructors. Most instructors teaching the more in-depth courses may be able to pull off the vacation and/or family time for this program (1 travel day to class, 4 class days, 1 travel day home= 6 days).

    2) Logistics for multiple offerings would be a pain-in-the-rear...... what about offering the course in smaller, 2 day segments? The initial 2 day program being the prerequisite to register for the next 2 days??

    Just some thoughts.

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