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    Default Ex-FDNY Apparatus

    So I stumbled upon a video on YouTube of a ton of FDNY apparatus in storage. Just a casual buff but I know with all the new deliveries there's a lot of the old frontline pieces ending up there. I'm not going to lie I'm huge aerialscope fan and I saw a lot of decent booms in the video that have some remount potential. But thats assuming most of them are not going to end up in the spare pool. Just wondering if there is still a market for the seagraves like there was for the Mack's?


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    Nowadays, the used FDNY rigs are put up for bid on Copart.com, and a majority of them are purchased by a metal scrapping facility by the name of Brookfield. Once Brookfield has it, there's no chance of getting it out or any parts off of it - trust me, a lot of people have tried.

    The older ex-FDNY ALF's and Mack CF's are still running strong in their second, third, or even fourth homes, but it's unfortunate that they days of getting an ex-FDNY piece for refurbishment and use elsewhere are pretty much over with unless you have more money than the scrapyard.
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    Going along with what Box said........Occasionally.....(and it is becoming more and more rare) an organization can, will and does outbid other bidders on copart (the highest usually being Brookfield.) Brookfield will usually bid above and beyond the "mixed" scrap price- because they are very good at what they do; which is to cut the rig up, separate all the metals (steel, aluminum, stainless, etc...) from one another, then sell that off at a much higher price than if it were still mixed together (this alleviates the buyer from the labor of having to separate it.) Brookfiled will also sell the engines, transmissions and rears to component rebuilders for a high price.

    So the bottom line is, if you want an ex-FDNY rig, you'll have to pay TOP dollar for it. And no one wants to pay $2000 for a high-end escort and get a $20.00 red light district hooker thats been ridden hard and put away wet. Especially when they will already be spending a ton of money to refurb it.
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    I'm surprised that more used trucks aren't being refurbished to stay a away from those horrid DPF's and SCR's.

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    The problem with refurbs is the cost often comes close to 75-80% of the price of a new truck if you need to rebuild the drivetrain and replace major components such as the pump and piping, replace entire electrical wiring and system components, along with a new water tank and rehabbed or replaced body. Then you still have an old truck that things break or wear out on.

    A truck leasing company I once worked for used to do a lot of glider kit rebuilds on over the road tractors as the work was done in-house as fill in work for their own mechanics.
    Take a 6-700,000 mile chassis and pull the entire drive train down and rebuild, then put all the rebuilt parts on the glider kit . It became non cost effective to do it that way unless in the case of a low mile unit that was involved in a crash.

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    There was a time, back in the mid-1990's that there were 5 ex-FDNY Aerialscopes operating in Chittenden County, VT, plus a couple of ex-FDNY engines.

    It made the heart feel good to see 3 or 4 of them operating together on an incident.

    In fact, my previous VFD's old Aerialscope is (the last that I know) on it's 4th owner, operating with a small town in VT near the Canadian border after we replaced it for a longer tower.
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    Head on down to the FDNY repair shop in Long Island City and take a look around. You may change your mind about wanting to own one of those pieces for a second life. The pump and powertrain are probably worth salvaging, the rest is usually quite ready for the scrap heap when they put a rig out to pasture. First time I went there to teach a class it was a real eye-opener.

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