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    Default FD vs. Law Enforcement at MVC

    Ok, so figured I'd ask... do you have issues with Law Enforcement (LEO) at MVC's? Who's in charge of scene? Having to keep road open at all costs? Not being able to take the extra lane while working? Keep reading about LEO's arresting/ticketing FF's for not moving a truck at an MVC. Where I'm at we have good relationship we local PD, county sherriff (work with them occasionally) and state troopers on the interstate, which is a major / heavily traveled highway. Respect is given both ways, and we are in charge of MVC until patients and hazzards are removed, but everyone works together. I have been asked how long before we can move rigs, as I am a firm believer in using my 40K lb portable road block (a.k.a. my apparatus) to keep ALL of us working the scene safe. My engine got hit on interstate few years ago, working a medical call, and the rig kept all 3 f/f's and patient from getting hit- it was still WAY to close and scared the crap out of us, as we did get hit by some debris but no injuries. Anyway, just wanted to see what's going on out there with everyone else with this. I would stand my ground against being in an unsafe situation any day.

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    As you say respect both ways.

    Think it just a few people causing problems.

    "Onbw" how long do cops shut down streets, when there is a truck load of doughnuts all over the road

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    In my area FD does traffic control 9/10, we've found firefighters and POVs can set up decent traffic control long before PD gets to a scene. As such we haven't had any issues in my district.

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