A 1-day big rig anatomy and extrication course will be offered at Calcasieu Emergency Response Training Center on Saturday, 08 November 2014. This program will offer LOTS OF HANDS-ON focusing on big rigs. A variety of tools will be available to use. Rare indeed is an opportunity to actually cut spread, and ram big rig tractors. The rigs will be in various positions, including inverted and damaged for realism.

The Presenter will be Billy Leach, Jr. He developed the BIG RIG RESCUE group of courses, and presents both nationally and internationally. Following is some brief biographical information.

Billy has been actively involved in Emergency Services since 1976, combining career and volunteer experience. He is the Developer and Senior Presenter for BIG RIG RESCUE™. Frequently he conducts training in vehicle rescue, and has presented at the International Vehicle Extrication Learning Symposium, Firehouse Expo, Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC), Fire Rescue Magazine’s First Due Conference, FDNY’s Technical Rescue School, and Los Angeles County FD Special Operations Division. Numerous presentation experiences include national and international audiences. Billy has co-authored a book, BIG RIG RESCUE© on the topic of heavy truck anatomy and extrication. Also, he is a Certified Rigger and Signalperson according to the National Crane Operators Certification Commission. Further, he is a certified Wreckmaster 6/7 and Crosby Rigging Trainer. This education leads to valuable offerings for emergency responders focusing on heavy rescue and extrication. Additionally, Billy has written articles for national and international publications such as Firehouse, International Firefighter, and Fire Engineering.

For information please contact Todd Parker at the CERTC. Telephone: 337.527.5554 ot email: todd@certc.net